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. a new report that questions whether millions of your tax money is being wasted on bomb-sniffing dogs that can't find bombs. >> reporter: we have all seen bomb-sniffing dogs. making their what through the nation's airports. a new gao report slams the government for spending $100 million on a new program before knowing how well it would actually work. this is the way it's supposed to work. in this tsa video, a bomb-sniffing dog locks in on an explosive training device on this man posing as passenger in a covert government test. good dog. at times, the dogs fail. look closely at another tsa video. the woman on the left in pink has an explosive training device in her backpack. but the dog walks right past her to pursue a passenger who has nothing dangerous. rewind the tape. let's look again. right there, the dog goes right past the woman with the explosive training device and keeps tracking the innocent passenger. >> you're using the dogs in ways that they've not previously been used. >> reporter: the report finds that tsa really doesn't know how good the dogs are at tracking explosives
with professional hockey players, and when i do my taxes, i want to work with the professional tax software. >> now, from abc7 news , original i am eric thomas. san francisco police will hold a news conference today in the case of ten-year-old kevin collins, the 4th grader in 1984. police searched a home last week as we first reported digging up bone fragments in a basement believed from an animal but they were sent to the laboratory for analysis. mike nicco is here with the forecast. >> chilly in many areas. we have forecast around santa rosa and 32 and 33 in napa and 40's around oakland and san francisco and 38 in san jose. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's under sun, and this time tomorrow, it will be raining. >> southbound 680 is jammed according to our app great martinez to 242 to highway 4 with an early accident gone but still, a stalled big rig at 242 in the right lane and a new accident southbound ♪ >>> and you know that voice anywhere. josh groban, "you raise me up." and he is right here at our desk this morning. >> i'm here at the desk. what is going on? >> you're so relaxed, you di
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with professional hockey players, and when i do my taxes, i want to work with the professional tax software. >> live an in hd, this is an abc news update. >> good morning. i am scott thuman. a heads up for anyone headed toward annapolis. a number of streets will be while president obama maryland capital. a conference at annapolis held. -- hotel. the boy scouts of america may change a policy excluding gay leaders. may allow troops sponsors to beide whether gays should allowed. some say that is not enough. let us find out -- the roadways are. unexpected delays for the hours. southbound 95 in virginia. side of theright camera. .raffic is not moving 45 minutes dealing with the accident. they're out.g this not letting thisn out. >> a decent looking day. the clouds are breaking up. of sunshineplenty this afternoon. rt five degrees. 32 degrees. at not be a really breezy day. the best day of the workweek. 36 degrees, winchester. our highs this afternoon .etween 42 and 47 will bring rain on friday. thank you for joining us. atwill be back ♪ >>> and you know that voice anywhere. josh groban, "you raise me u
the governor's transportation plan. he wants to eliminate the 17.5 tax and replace it with tax.r sales democrats oppose the plan.or's baltimore ravens fans took to after their team 49ers tosan francisco win a super bowl xlvii. mvp o flacco tossed three passes, leading the 34-31 win. news channel 8 will have a lot on the parade tomorrow at the top of the hour. but a quick check on monday morning commute. >> it has not been so bad. 95 and between baltimore and the runs without any incidents. virginia, the 395. let's take a look at a live camera. 95, very light of dale city. 4270, we are good past father .urley boulevard, sunshine in those cameras, jacqui. absolutely. clouds however will be back afternoon. start. chilly 27 degrees is your temperature. likeindshield, it feels 19. at dulles. at 16 degrees in frederick. we will see clouds this afternoon. tonight, the snow moves here. a dusting expected. our temperature for this make it into the 30's. feel colder than that. you, jacqui. thank you for joining us. [ cheers and applause ] >>> a little fun out there with elmo. i love that one the
. the mayor will talk about the need for new taxes to support city services and restore pay to worker whose have seen cuts in recent years and to health the budget. polling shows 70's percent of people now support a one quarter percent height in the sales tax. >> sue is checking the traffic. what do you have? >> an early car fire on the san mateo bridge on eastbound side, before the high-rise, in the pullout but the emergency crews, fire crews, are blocking the right lane and you can see westbound is sluggish, because of rubberneckers. elsewhere, we have first reports of an accident in the median south 101 at redwood city. >> when we come back our meteorologist tells u >> we are seeing sprinkles in downtown san francisco. you can see southeast on the camera, live doppler 7 hd shows the best radar returns, san rafael and novato and waves of light rain through the north bay at this hour. the line will sink to the south. from 9:00 to noon it will move from 9:00 to noon it will move through the heart of the baydayg to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it
, and when i do my taxes, i want to work with the professional tax software. >>> good morning tou, i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. here are some of our top stories this morning. a baltimore jury will enter a third day of deliberations today in the trial of a man accused of killing a north carolina teenager. michael johnson is accused in the 2010 killing of felicia barnes. she was visiting relatives in baltimore when she disappeared. her body was found in the spring of 2011. >>> police are still looking for a suspect in the stabbing death of a teenager. the incident happened around 1:30 yesterday on howard and fayette streets. this was nine blocks away from m and t bank stadium. that teen died at johns hopkins hospital. two others were stabbed. they've also been hospitalized. >>> time now for a check on your weather. let's send it over to meteorologist lynette charles and see what's going on as you walk out the door. hey, lynette displvment hey. let's talk about what's going on in mount airy. we do have some clouds out there this morning. that is going to subside later thi
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Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)